One of the oldest fire stations in Shreveport is closed for renovations. Fire Chief Scott Wolverton tells KEEL News Fire Station 10, located at 763 Oneonta, was built in around 1926.

"It is a historical building and you have to take that into account when you're doing the renovations," Chief Wolverton said. "They've all been approved. It is part of the general obligations bond package that was approved by voters in 2011.

One of the upgrades will be to the roof. The construction crew will put in synthetic slate tile that looks exactly like the normal roof looked when the station was first built. Other renovations include separate men's and women's bathroom facilities upstairs, outside and inside painting, and opening up of some of the living area downstairs from the kitchen into the day room area.

What about the fire pole? There's been some talk about it being removed, but Chief Wolverton assures us it will stay.

"The brass pole that has been there since it was built will be taken down during the renovations," Wolverton said. "Part of the repairs [to] what we call the 'pole hole,' the inside of that, there's going to be plaster and stuff replaced. But once that's done, the pole will be put back in place. So the sliding pole will remain in the station. That's a lot of history for that."

Wolverton told us Engine Company 10 will be temporarily reassigned to Central Fire Station downtown at 263 North Common. Medic Unit 10 will be relocated to Station 7 at Line and Wilkinson.

As for coverage during the renovation period, Wolverton said Station 10 is unique in that it's centrally located within the city, so it overlaps other station areas. Stations 5, 7, 8 and 9 will cover any calls that come from there. He said residents shouldn't notice any increase in response time over the next six months.

"These repairs are really needed," Wolverton said. "It's really our taxpayers' dollars at work. They really need to see these projects starting up and being completed, because it was voted on by the voters and it's important to them that this be done, and we're trying to get it done."


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