This week, SWEPCO announced they will extend the grace period on disconnections for Louisiana residents.

A couple of weeks ago, SWEPCO announced that Louisiana's grace period would be concluding in early August. I remember reading that article and being a little bit upset with their decision to end the grace period. Look, I understand that we have to get back to normal eventually, and I also understand that companies have to begin making money again, but I felt like ending the grace period in early August was just a little too early.

Look around our state. We have been classified as a COVID-19 hotbed and it's showing no signs of improvement. Our mask mandate has been in effect for quite some time, and many businesses have either closed permanently, delayed reopening, or struggling while being open during this restriction-laden time. Our state is STILL locked into Phase Two and there's absolutely no telling when Phase Three will arrive, or even what Phase Three will look like when it does finally get here.

My point is that I just didn't feel like Louisiana as a whole, was ready for SWEPCO's grace period to end.

Luckily, for those worried about possible disconnections, SWEPCO has decided to extend their grace period once more. The end date on this new extension was not given in SWEPCO's announcement.

For our area, SWEPCO made this announcement;

SWEPCO has extended its temporary suspension of disconnections for non-payment for Louisiana and Texas residential customers as we continue to review operations, state moratoriums and guidance from regulators. Disconnections remain temporarily suspended in Arkansas by state regulatory order.


SWEPCO is also encouraging struggling residents to work with them in regards to their ever-growing bills. They say, "We understand customers are concerned about their families, businesses and communities due to the impacts of COVID-19. If you are struggling to pay your electric bill, it’s important to reach out to our SWEPCO team now to find a solution."

You can reach SWEPCO to speak about your bill and/or payment arrangement either at or by phone at 1-877-446-7211.

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