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Robert J Wright Lost His Cell Phone…Where?
Everyone makes fun of my cell phone. Even I make fun of my cell phone. I've had it almost five years. It unfolds...I mean, slides to open. And it's old. The joke at work is that it's the rotary phone of cell phones. Erin picked it up one day and said, 'Sarah, get me Mt. Pilot!&ap…
Robert tries pixie stix
Robert J. Wright has never tried Pixie Stix. So I brought him one left over from Easter on the Bayou. I tried to get him to just shoot it.....the whole thing in one swallow.....he wasn't up for that. But he did throw back a good mouthful of a cherry flavored one...
Robert Freezes His Eggs
When Erin and I heard this morning that 40-year-old "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara had frozen her eggs for possible future pregnancies, we were a little shocked. Removing and storing ova for future use is apparently not all that uncommon, so I decided to get in on the fun. That's right…
Robert's Flashback Costume
Last year's hugely successful Flashback Party was, by all accounts, one of the year's biggest bashes, fun for everyone, and free from controversy...except for one small exception: The '80s Softball Guy' costume worn by 96.5 KVKI morning host Robert J Wright.
prank pulled on Robert J. Wright
A friend of Robert's  thought it would be funny to pull a little joke on him. So for the past several months, he's been getting catalogs from companies peddling men's undergarments. I can only imagine what his letter carrier is thinking when she drops this magazines in my mailbox…
Santa’s Elves Are At It Again
I don't know if you've heard or not, but I am pretty excited about "That's a Wrap" tomorrow. KVKI has rounded up Santa's Elves that are going to WRAP your presents. You can't beat that... seriously. Tomorrow with Robert J Wright from 11am-1pm, go to Red River Chevy 221 Texas and load up yo…
Hallmark Cards For The Unemployed
Hear about the new line of greeting cards.
Problems with an ice cream store mascot:
Guy puts quarters in his belly button.....hear our discussion and you can also see the video of this nutty guy.
We had a little fun talking about the world's largest afro:
Read more and see the pictures
Man c…

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