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I first saw the letter below posted by Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney from Duncan, Oklahoma.

Then, after seeing essentially the same letter posted by Sheriff Chris Brown of the Cleburne County Sheriff's Office in Heber Springs, Arkansas and another from Sheriff Tim Ryals of the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office also in Arkansas, I assumed their must be some form of coalition formed by a Sheriff's Organization that was coordinated in this effort.

The Sheriffs' letters seem to take on a couple trying issues facing our nation at present. First and foremost of those issues is the division of our people. And secondly are their sworn obligations to uphold the Constitution.

All of these believe the recent Presidential vaccine mandate is a violation of the Constitution and Americans rights to personal freedoms.

Though none of these are local sheriffs, I did see a number of people from the Shreveport/Bossier City area had commented on these viral posts joining the thousands of others applauding these men for their stand on the issue.

Read for yourself:


And here's the letter from Cleburne County Arkansas Sheriff Chris Brown,


And talk about viral, the letter from Sheriff Chris Brown alone has been shared over 141,000 times and has nearly 10,000 comments. Most of which are in support of the Sheriff, including comments like,

"Totally awesome to see this department stand up for what is right, which is the constitution and the American people's rights"


"It's gone viral which means this level headed sheriff has more people backing this TRUTH than the POTUS has backing his "Presidency". THIS Sheriff makes me proud to be an American"


"Now if people would treat others with the same respect, we could all get along! Stop calling each other idiots, sheep, coward to the government, selfish, or any other harsh words. We’re all doing what we think is best for ourself and our families whether it be getting the vaccine or not! That’s why America is great… we have a choice. Let’s don’t forget that in the midst of the pandemic."

Of course, there are those who completely disagree and they've been vocal as well with comments like,

"This may not be popular, but Sheriff, did you take any vax when you first entered grade school? were they required? your job is to enforce the law, not to make it and not to question it. your opinion counts for nothing. in fact, my opinion counts for nothing. If the law is to mask up and/or vax and you can't enforce the law, resign."

Whatever your opinion, you have to hand it to the Sheriffs on one account. We are certainly divided. Such opposition on an issue that didn't even exist two years ago.

I pray daily for our country.

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