At a gathering with my parents this Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a ring. It was so beautiful.  It was . . . it was "precious."  Everything was great until my mom, looking down her spectacles, asks, "So what kind of ring is this," all Roy D. Mercer style.  He responded that it was a "ring of commitment." The "ring of commitment" didn't fit my big old booty-proportionate hands. (My hands are the proportional equivalent of my booty.) Shortly after Christmas, the ring had to be re-sized to fit me. I received it today.

For some reason I assumed everyone already knew about my Christmas present and the sizing issues I had with it; therefore, when I finally posted the photo a month later on my Facebook page, it didn't occur to me that one might take the picture as an "announcement." About ten "likes" and eight comments later, I realize that maybe I'm sending the wrong message. So I respond saying thanks for the comments, but it's not official. What am I supposed to say,  "false alarm"? About twenty comments, twenty five "likes," and one woman rushing to my desk to grab my hand later, I realize I have lost control of the situation.

So now everyone thinks we are engaged, and that's not the sort of pressure I want to put on him. And now I have a ring and no fiance and bunch of over-zealous, well-intentioned, friends who aren't coming to an imaginary wedding where there won't be one ring to rule them all.  . .  . I just don't know.


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