Whether you're staying home to avoid crowds, Covid, or simply because it's going to be really, really cold, there are still a plethora of ways to celebrate Valentine's Day...or night. In fact, you might find it preferable.

Many think of Valentine's as a day to celebrate romantic love. And one of the most integral parts of building a romantic relationship is by engaging in life together and creating memories.

Here are a few ways to do just that and then later of course yeah you can Netflix and chill... or  ;) "whatever.":

If you and your partner are intellectually inclined, spend some time finding something new you're both at least vaguely interested in and learn about it together. It could be anything from a certain period of history, art, or music. Do a little research and plan outings to the symphony, bookstore, or art gallery. I recommend learning a foreign language together. It's fun, you have someone with whom to practice, and you'll already have your own secret language. ;) (Well, unless you're around native speakers, of course.)

Maybe she's interested in learning more about using tools and you happen to be an expert. Maybe he's an expert at cooking Thai food and can teach you a few things. You can teach each other things and learn something entirely new together.

Light a bunch of candles, sit somewhere, and just be together. You can ask each other "romantic questions" if you'd like, talk about what plans you may want to make for the rest of the year, or just be quiet and enjoy being in the moment. Being able to simply share moments with someone, even if (and especially when) there's not anything else distracting you can be indicative of the strength of a relationship. Not to mention, everyone looks amazing in candlelight so who knows to where it may lead.

Plan a road trip to your hometowns. Road trips are fun already. They're even more so when you get to learn about your love interest's history. It gives you deeper insight into some of the places that shaped who they are now.

Dance, for the love of all that's good. Some people have committed themselves to a strictly no-ballroom philosophy. Maybe they feel they have no rhythm and would be embarrassed. Well, that's why they have classes for that kind of thing.

Guys, listen: There's nothing more lovable than a man that doesn't take himself too seriously and is willing to laugh at himself while learning new things. So relax. (You too, ladies if this is you.) There's great fun and joy in even trying to dance. Pick whatever kind you'd like--just have fun.

I bet you can think of a few more to add to this list. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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