As social creatures, humans go only handle being completely cut off from one another for so long before we start to go a bit stir-crazy. The loneliness can drive us to find other means to communicate with one another. The video conferencing app Zoom has been on of the most popular platforms used to help humans connect, both for business endeavors and personal. Now, during the coronavirus quarantine, more than ever.

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As a Zoom user myself, I really like the platform. It's simple enough to use and you can immediately connect with people around the world and see each other all at once, with an option to view all those on the call in a type of Brady Bunch configuration. However, recent reports have revealed that it has been relatively easy for people to get on calls to which they weren't invited. Some trolls have infiltrated AA meetings being conducted via Zoom with pro-alcohol messages in attempt to unhorse members. There have been other privacy issues discovered, as well.

And it's continued to get worse.

In fact, now the FBI has issued a warning. reports that "Dennis Johnson fell victim last week to a new form of harassment known as "Zoombombing," in which intruders hijack video calls and post hate speech and offensive images such as pornography. It's a phenomenon so alarming that the FBI has issued a warning about using Zoom.

There have also been "attacks" on online Sunday school sessions, city meetings, and more.

In response, Zoom has reported they are working hard to increase their levels of security. Last month they release a guide that offers more tips on how to protect your meetings. Settings can also be changed to make online gatherings more privately automatically. Please use caution.

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