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Sometimes when you need a refresher course on something He's already talked to you about, He'll show you what you need to remember again and again!

That sure is how He dealt me with me this week. You just never know when you'll get hit upside the head with some knowledge you should have thoroughly soaked in by now! However, I figured I might not be the only one dealing with this particular issue.

I was on the phone with a friend earlier this week in hopes of offering her support and love through her separation and impending divorce. If you have been through a divorce, you know how hard it can be emotionally, even if it is amicable. Instead of being the one to gift her with comfort, I was gifted with her insight and wisdom. She reminded me that chores and things like mowing and doing the dishes can wait... But taking care of yourself and what lights your soul on fire, your passions if you will, cannot.

Women, by their very nature are nurturers and are guilty of ignoring their own needs in the face of fulfilling those of their loved ones. Don't stay so busy taking care of everyone else that you forget to take care of yourself. Yes, you are supposed to have a servant's heart, but you can't serve unless you're healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically. It took me over 40 years to figure this out and He's had to hit me over the head with this information more times than I can count, but life is for living. Speak and live with love, especially to and for yourself!

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