Airlines are always coming up with ways to inconvenience you, as you take their mode of transportation is the fastest, after all.

So we have bag fees, seat placement fees, re-seating fees and then there is coach, business and first class seats.

Some airlines are charging carry-on bag fees.

So being that said, where are the fees that actually get you something you want. Well, you don't have to sit down for this one, everyone else will.

How about paying to be the first off the plane. Seems as though people are willing to pay extra to exit an aircraft quickly. USA Today reports that a recent survey found that, "...16% of respondents were willing to pay to be at the front of the line when their flight lands. Of that group, 10% would pay $10 and 3% would pay as much as $20." New airline fees are nothing new and are crucial to some airlines to avoid financial disaster.

So that begs the question, Would you pay to get out of a flight faster?