I have been going through so many photos of my family's past Thanksgiving celebrations, and it is nothing short of heartbreaking. My family is big, as in I have countless cousins and I am one of eight siblings. So yes, our holiday dinners are loud.

A family dinner with all of us loud folk is a lot to handle for those who are not part of our family and forced to hang out with us. A moment of silence for all of our significant others. Eventually, all of our newcomers come to love and enjoy the holidays with the "loud" family. So it's not just me that's bummed out about not having a large family get together.

What do you do when your Thanksgiving won't be loud, and you won't be seeing those you love the most in person? Zoom is encouraging all of us who are feeling the Holiday blues to check in with family and not worry about time. Normally we have a 40-minute time limit on the video platform, however, Zoom will be lifting the time limit and let us go wild from Midnight November 26th to 6:00 a.m. November 27th.



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