Elissa wins the HOH competition and wants a strong competitor out of the house. She nominated Aaryn and McCrae, but her ultimate target is Amanda. She thinks Amanda is running the house and is going to be hard to get out because Amanda seems to have control over so many players.

Elissa has told all of the house guests to play hard for the POV so she can take Aaryn off the block and put Amanda up.

WARNING: Graphic language in the below video.


But that's not going to happen. Amanda won the POV and she's going to take her showmance partner, McCrae off the block. This means Elissa will have to nominate someone else. It looks like Andy will be the one to go up against Aaryn.


Amanda Zuckerman reminds us that we've come a long way in the United States with her lovely use of the English language when discussing people within the house of Big Brother.

I do not like Amanda and I am not alone. She has been terrorizing Elissa all weekend. She's been yelling at her and tormenting her, banging on the HOH door at all hours. Elissa has been hibernating in her private room with the door locked. She's only talking to a few people (Judd is one of them).