I have gotten so many great messages for my son who is at Marine Basic Training in Parris Island, South Carolina. I did get connected with a great parent website.

He's about to wrap up week 2 and I will be sending him your messages. 

Tiffanie Billiot: May our Father God protect you, guide you and mold you! He is the potter and you are the clay!! Just beginning your testimony! God is in control! Hugs and love to ALL of YOU! Thank YOU for your service!!
Lisa Gregory: Prayers to your son and a BIG thank you to him for what he is doing for his country!
Scott Harville: Give JDub our best from the Harville's!
Donna Scroggins: Prayers for all of you as you go through this transition. My Dad was a Proud Marine. He raised us with the same principles he learned. He always told me that even after you are discharged, you are a Marine for life and your fellow Marines are your brothers for life, no matter where you go. When he died, we had a memorial and when I contacted them to play Taps, they called me every day for a week to make sure I was okay and offered to help with anything I might need. I felt the power of the brotherhood he often spoke about. You now truly are one of the few, proud Marines and I salute you.
Paula Campbell Davis: Prayers for all of you. You have one great son there.
Shannon Bishop Kies: Erin, before I leave a message on your link for your son, I wanted to write a message to you first As a mother to a son, I can't imagine what you are going through... HOWEVER, as a wife to a deployed, U.S. Airforce soldier, I can relate to a degree! It is an amazing experience that I am PROUD to go through with my husband. One of the perks for me is that before he deployed, my husband had NO PROBLEMS helping me keep the house clean, dishes done, laundry done, etc..!! Your son will be so far advanced in respect, manners, responsibilities, that you will be in awe once you see him again.... Keep your chin held up high and keep a smile on your face, because you have raised an amazing man.. I will keep you and your journey in my prayers along with your son.. Take Care and God Bless!
Arthur Nerio: heard your show this morning and the voice recordings , hope that is fun for you to keep online
Karyn Trahan Bodden: Boddens say JW--May God Bless you and keep you safe!
Caroline King: He is definitely thinking about you just as much as you are thinking about him. I remember those days. I felt so far from home and in a foreign place with people I didn't know. Hopefully he has found a friend to share this 'misery' with until it is all over. Praying for you both.
Chuck Smith: First 2 weeks are the toughest but he'll find the groove. It doesn't really get "easier" ...but once you get past the initial "adjustment" it will seem like it fits. Can't explain it any other way... Semper Fi.
Shanda Schoeff: Big adventure ahead!! Stay safe and know that your mom is doing well and raving about you every chance she gets - love it!!
Cindy Tallant Harris: We can't wait until we grow up and move away from home and when that happens we look back and think how blessed we were. Praying that God keep you close and give you His strength to finish strong!
Beverly Bricker: The Bricker's are so proud of you JW!!!