Ok, I am wrapping up a tough week of exercise.  But it's a good thing.

Taylor Beth with Fitness World has been working with my BFF and me and we are taking baby steps, but even baby steps are strenuous.  This week we worked on lunges and squats with arm presses.  Now we will be doing some ab work.   You will have an opportunity to come train with us for a couple of sessions to see if this is something you would like to do. Let me tell you it is so much better to train with a friend....so think about it.

I do want to thank Pam at Vitamins Plus for providing one of the key items for my diet...it's the Egg White Protein Powder.  This is a little miracle...great drink for my early morning and helps get the day started.

She's also helping me find just the right foods to help with my meal planning.  If you haven't seen the remodel at Vitamin's Plus (inside Drug Emporium) you should check it out....it's awesome.

Also thanks to Dr. Jason Maggio with All The Way Health for providing the diet plan, books and advice on everything I need to know on the nutrition front.  

I have lost 18 pounds and still counting!