I've been getting some great letters from my son over the past few days. In his latest letter he talks about the "infamous obstacles".

He says they "are freakin fun." I can tell he's already made some lifelong friends. "We have a blast helping each other and becoming brothers. We have one more day of obstacles and then we have swim week."  He should do fine during the swimming portion since he's been a lifeguard for many years and has his Water Safety Instructor's license.  He's a great swimmer. Now I don't think he's ever had to swim in full gear while holding a weapon over his head, so that will be new for him.

He has asked me to send him powerbars. After an intense session, they are rewarded with the treats.  But I have to send enough for the whole platoon. If you'd like to help, send me a message on Facebook and I'll be in touch. Thanks again for all the prayers. I'm sending them all on to him.