In my many, many, many years of being in radio, I have come to work with colds, infections, fevers, you name it. I've only called into work sick four times in my entire career. Why? I didn't think that my boss would believe me.

According to a new survey, 60 percent of bosses say they usually don't believe their employees when they call in sick.


Seem as though you have to be a character actor with your ailment; most people don't "sound" sick enough.

It's nice weather outside. Yes, if the sun is out, the birds are singing and it could be good weather for a day at the park, then you are less likely to be believed.

The person seemed totally fine the day before. If you weren't having sweats and sneezing yesterday, then how on earth could you be sick today?...or at least that is the train of thought.

One word of warning: if you aren't sick, don't be stupid. One in three bosses say they now check social media to see if the employee is dumb enough to post something that proves they were lying about being sick.

Oh ya, and the clincher as to why your boss may not believe you, the average person says they've faked four sick days...and you can bet your boss was one of them.