The athletic department of Cornell University has apologized for its Cinco de Mayo-themed marketing campaign, which involved what university officials referred to as 'hateful': the consumption of nachos and the donning of sombreros.

The campaign began last week and was intended to muster enthusiasm for Saturday’s football game against Colgate University. Students were encouraged to attend the weekly pep rally dressed up in ponchos and sombreros and those attending were given free nachos. The goal, said an athletic department spokesperson, was 'merely to encourage a festive atmosphere'.

But then came the complaints from Hispanic students and organizations,accusing the school of 'fostering racism and cultural insensitivity', and the university eventually censored the 'offensive' activities.

The Cornell athletic department issued an official apology, saying it has 'learned from the incident'. And, by the way, Cornell lost to Colgate 40 to 21.