Get ready, America! There's a new $100 bill about to be released and, as the saying goes, it's not your father's $100 bill. Nossir, this one's all new and very, very different from the one you're used to seeing.

Starting Tuesday, October 8, the Treasury Department will start circulating the newly redesigned $100 bills. The Federal Reserve, which authorizes all new currency, is issuing the bills after a two-and-a-half-year delay. This is the first change to the 'c-note' since 1996.

The bill will still be adorned with the face of trusty, old Ben Franklin, but there are numerous other changes, mostly to combat counterfeiters. These include a three dimensional security ribbon that changes the appearance of images if you look at them from different angles and color shifting, which alters the color of the number '100' from copper to green as you tilt the bill.

The US Department of Treasury website says the new bill is 'the most complex note this country has ever produced' and described it as 'incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to counterfeit'.