Every year, I write a letter to my father (who died in 1987). I keep him up to date on my life and the family.

Family photo

My precious Dad,

Can’t believe another year has passed without you in my life.  These past few months have meant so much to me and the journey my son is on has me thinking about you every day.
JW is 19 and made the decision to join the United States Marines. He’s 100% dedicated and determined. He will graduate this week and join the ranks of your select brotherhood. I know you would be so proud. I’m looking forward to learning about his next venture in life as a Marine and know you will be watching over him.

John Justin is 18 now and has become such a sweet young man. He always tells me he loves me and we have spent some special time together. He’s working as a lifeguard again this summer and seems to love what he’s doing. He will be a senior this year. Can you believe it?

I am so proud to tell you that both of my sons are very respectful and responsible young men.

Now to the part of my letter that is always so hard for me. Mom…..she’s going with me to Parris Island for JW’s graduation and I look forward to spending this time with her.  She has slowed down a bit, but that’s only because she is beginning to feel self-conscious about her memory. Physically, she can still do just about anything she wants. It is her mind that plays tricks on her. But most of the time, she is quite bright and vibrant and a joy to be around. She just gets frustrated when her memory fails her.

I so miss those early morning chats when I was just a little girl and you would sneak me some coffee while the rest of the house was still asleep. Not a day goes by that I don’t picture your beautiful face in my mind and I can hear your voice when I sit quietly and think about you.

I love you and miss you deeply.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad