Scientists are working on a new technology that could literally tell you how much longer you have to live! The wrist watch-like device, which has been nicknamed the ‘death test’ watch by researchers, measures vital cells inside your body. Those cells produce chemicals that identify what’s going wrong with your body, including whether you’ll have a stroke, a heart attack, or dementia. The watch can also tell  you if you have cancer and how fast your body is aging.

The hope is that people would use the watch to maintain better health and improve their lives, but doctors are  also concerned that the device may lead to depression. Critics also warn that insurance companies could use the information to alter a person’s premiums and payouts. And with the implementation of government controlled healthcare, there are also worries that people with chronic health problems or the elderly might be ordered to wear one by the government.

The device could be available as soon as next year. What do you think? Will you be getting one?