It's Mardi Gras time across our great state, the time of the year when all Louisianans embrace the history and traditions of our French ancestry, or to be more specific, the Cajun in all of us.

The truth is - Mardi Gras aside - most of us from the northern part of the state are just a little limited in our knowledge of the Cajun culture, language, etc. So we thought we'd take a moment and cover a few of our favorite Cajun French words and expressions.

Parran (puh - ran') : Godfather

Capon (cuh - pone') : coward

Couyon (coo' - yawn) : a stupid person

Patate (puh - tot') : potato

Piss - au - lis (pee - oh - lee) : goldenrod

Slow the TV : Turn down the volume

Speed the TV : Turn up the volume

Are you getting down? : Are you getting out of the car?

So, tell the truth! How many of these words and terms from our 'frere Acadian' did you already know? And if you liked these, just click here to see dozens and dozens more! And in the meantime, laissez les bon temp rouler!