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Win Free Gas Every Friday With KVKI
Sure, gas prices have gone down over the past few weeks.
But they are still higher than this time last year... So we've decided to do something about it!
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Talk About Cheap Gas… 1.10 A Gallon. Oh, It Was A Mistake!
With gas prices going up, and up, and up, everyone is on the lookout for cheap gas. Heck, on my way into work, I always check if prices have gone up or down (They actually went down 2 pennies yesterday at Murphy USA here on the west side!)
Well, the other day, a gas station in California had a sale o…
So What Are You Doing About Gas Prices? [VIDEO]
It seems everyone is complaining about the price at the pump. It's almost like, as temperatures go up, so do the gas prices.
Some people drive less. Others will consolidate all of their trips. Or how about trading in the SUV for a Prius?
I Guess It Could Be Worse
On my way home from work last night, I saw that gas prices had gone up again... $3.47 off of Pines Road. And my sister (who lives in Indianapolis) said it was $3.73 there!