robert wright

Weird Spring Weather
We expect spring storms, but what's up with these temps in the 40's in April.  We decided to take a look at the record books to see how cold it normally gets in Shreveport in April and May.
“Everybody’s Talking” From Robert & Erin
A delivery driver in New York has a very big fear....the fear of driving over bridges.  Usually most of his deliveries are in one neighborhood, but recently he had to take something over the Verrazano Bridge.  He couldn't tell the boss no.  So to calm his fears, the guy pulled out a bottle of vodka.…
“Everybody’s Talking” Stories from Robert & Erin
A 7-year-old Serbian boy named Bogdan is attracting media attention for his apparent ability to attract other things, such as silverware, remote controls, plates and even a large frying pan. The objects seem to miraculously stick to the boy's skin. Bogdan's family claims he's magnetic, and an MSNBC …