Did you ever wear the same outfit just a few days apart and one of your friends jokingly asks, 'Hey! Don't you own anything else?' Well, what about a teacher who wears the same outfit for his school yearbook photo...for 40 consecutive years!

For his entire career at Prestonwood Elementary in the Richardson, Texas, physical education teacher Dale Irby wore the same disco-era shirt and sweater for his yearbook picture. That's every photo, every year, since 1972!

'I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realized I had worn the very same thing as the first year, he said. Then his wife, Cathy, dared him to make it three. 'After five pictures, I thought, why stop?'

Irby retired from the Dallas area school system this past spring and he says the now infamous 'yearbook outfit' is retiring with him. Says Irby with a smile, 'I'll only break it out again for reunions.'