It's going to be home on the range for the Texas Rangers tonight as they try to break the tie in the World Series against St. Louis.
Tonight's game begins with first pitch at 7:05 pm in Arlington at Rangers Stadium.The Rangers will be going for their second win.  Right now it's even at one game a piece. Thursday night's game 2 was amazing when Texas literally stole the game from the Cardinals with an amazing stolen base.

The Rangers, behind Ian Kinsler's heroic ninth-inning stolen base, made an exciting comeback to take away the win from the Cards , 2-1, at Busch Stadium. The win for Texas tied up the series.

"It wasn't a series-saving rally, but it was huge,'' Kinsler said. "It was a big win for us. ''Sports writers were comparing it to Dave Robert's famous stolen base in the 2004 American League Championship Series. That helped catapult the Boston Red Sox to the World Series title.
Rangers general manager Jon Daniels was quoted as saying it was the biggest stolen base in Rangers history.
The Rangers' offense couldn't score at all for eight innings, but made it happen in the ninth off Cardinals' pitcher Jason Motte. Kinsler led off with a single that dropped past the shortstop into left field. That was only their fourth hit of the game.

According to USA Today, here's how the action happened:

{ "Shortstop Elvis Andrus, who made two sensational defensive plays, was instructed to bunt. He squared around, saw Kinsler get a great jump on a 1-and-1 pitch, and pulled his bat back.

"As soon as I saw him get that jump, I couldn't bunt,'' Andrus said. "What I didn't expect was (Yadier) Molina to make a perfect throw. But that's the way we play. We're aggressive. We're not going to be afraid."

Kinsler's left hand just hit the bag ahead of Molina's throw, with shortstop Rafael Furcal slapping his hand a split-second late.

"My hand just barely got in there,'' Kinsler said. "It took everything I had. Yadier made an unbelievable throw, quick, on the money, and I was just able to get my hand in there.''

Said Furcal: "I tried to do my best. He hit it perfect.''

Andrus followed with a single to shallow center, the first time in the series that the Rangers produced two hits in the same inning. Kinsler stopped at third, and Andrus took second base on the throw home that eluded Cardinals first baseman for an error. It also knocked Motte out of the game."}

You can bet I'm wearing my son's Dixie League Rangers shirt all weekend!