Crawfish boils will soon start cranking up all around Shreveport-Bossier. Most families have traditions about what's in the pot for a crawfish boil.

I’ve already been to one crawfish boil this year and the mudbugs were a little small. But that will begin changing as the weather warms up. The prices are expected to start dropping this weekend. Do you have some special secrets for making your crawfish taste just right?

If you were to attend a crawfish boil with the McCarty family, you would find some special food items in the pot. Of course we always do the corn and potatoes, garlic and onion, but we also put in oranges, lemons and whole artichokes. We always fight over the artichokes when they come out of the pot. They are so delicious. Every now and then, we put whole mushrooms in the pot. Those are popular at any crawfish boil.

What do you put in your crawfish pot to make the mudbugs taste unique?