KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show entertained one of their favorite celebrity guests yet this morning!

A Dog's Way Home hits theaters this weekend starring Bryce Dallas Howard as Bella, a dog who traveled 400 in search of her owner, Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp and more! The movie is an adaptation of the best selling book by W. Bruce Cameron. Cameron is also the author behind another New York Times best seller, A Dog's Purpose.

Both the author and screenwriter (Cathryn Michon) of A Dog’s Way Home joined the show this morning and talked about how the book started over the unfair banning of Pitbulls and how much you’ll cry during the film! They even brought the star of the film with them and Big Al got a kiss! Hear the interview here:

Fun fact? The dog that plays the adult version of Bella is named Shelby and she was rescued after being found living in a junkyard in Tennessee!

Here's the trailer to A Dog's Way Home:

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