Around my house, I am known as "The Sheriff of Snottingham". I call my wife "Queen Congestial". I think those odd names are a result of our addled brains that have been scrambled by the amount of allergy medicine we both have to take.

Since both of us use our voices as part of our way to make a living being able to breath is something that we rank right up there with blood flow, heartbeats, and a good chili cheese hot dog.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies then you know that breathing this spring has been harder to do than finding a liberal with a concealed carry permit. It's not your imagination. Okay, the liberal with the gun is but the breathing and snotty nose, and the watery eyes, that's very real.

The reason we're seeing so much pollen in the air is because Old Man Winter didn't pay Louisiana much of a visit. We stayed pretty warm for most of the winter months and that has contributed to the abundance of airborne irritants.

Pollen counts haven't been this high in a number of years. Some allergy specialist say they are seeing 20% more patients this spring compared to last spring. In most cases, the over the counter medications will ease the symptoms of your suffering. However, if you can't quite break through the mucus blockade that is keeping you from filling your lungs with oxygen then do see a doctor.

They won't be able to stop your suffering completely but they can make the symptoms and the season a little more tolerable. Then you won't have to be wandering around in a fog coming up with silly names for your spouse.

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