If you think that your allergies are worse than ever this year, it's not all in your head. Or rather, it is all in your head--that stuffed up nose, watery eyes, the occasional sinus headache, and the cough that won't go away.

An allergist with the LSU Health Sciences Center believes this allergy season is the worst he's ever seen.  Dr. Sanjay Kamboj says there's been a 10-20% increase in the number of cases he's treated this year.  And what's worse, he says that the usual over-the-counter medicines that have controlled allergy symptoms in the past are not working this season.

The culprit?  An unseasonably mild winter and an early spring.  Remember how early the trees bloomed this year?  We had yellow tree pollen all over our radio station vehicles here at the Townsquare Media studios in January.  Because the weather was so mild this winter, we've got all kinds of pollen in the air--tree, grass, weed, you name it.

Dr. Kamboj recommends that if you have a runny nose and/or post nasal drip that it's a good idea to wear a hat or a mask when you go outside.  Then wash your face when you get inside to get the pollen away from your nose and mouth.  Cleaning your nose with a saline nasal spread before bed will also help.

Otherwise, keep those tissues handy and cover your mouth when you cough--please?   

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