With name like Big Al and plenty of game, you'd think Big Al would have had a big weekend planned, but instead of hitting the dating apps, he kept things low key and flew solo to Kellie's birthday bash over the weekend.

So what did Big Al from KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show have on tap for the weekend? Check out his blog from the Kidd Nation website:

I can honestly say that I didn’t do any swiping yesterday. It was just getting exhausting. And like I said yesterday, I feel like it shouldn’t be that much work. I’ll return to the old fashion way of meeting my next ex-girlfriend! So, as a result, there are no scheduled dates this weekend. Oh well.

But who needs a date??? I have the Kellie Raspberry Birthday Party tonight! This party is always a LOT of fun. Yes, the party is at my new location in Waxahachie, Texas and Kellie has never been there, In fact, A LOT of people have NEVER been there. But that’s Ok… The band is booked. Kellie and her friends will be there. And all will be right with the world!

That’s about the only thing that I really have going this weekend. But, who knows? Maybe another $100 movie date by myself could be a possibility…???

Have a great weekend everyone.

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