There's no shame being good at something ladies. But here's the questions... If you're out on a date, should you hold back at something you're good at, just to get a man to like you?

Jenna from our Kidd Kraddick Morning Show recently went out on a date with a guy and she beat him pretty soundly at golf. But she wants to know if she should have toned it down to save her date's ego? Can a real man handle it? Or should she be a good little woman? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

We opened up the phone lines to get a verdict… Can guys handle it if a girl beats them at anything? Sports, games?

KiddNation members called in to share their victory stories and let us know how that worked out for them. Plus, since Big Al isn’t good at, well, most things, we came up with a list of dating deal-breakers for him!

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