Today on KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show during Love Letters to Kellie, a listener brought up Kellie's relationship with Allen and a high school student asks about how she should handle crushing on two guys at the same time... who are already in relationships!

One member of Kidd Nation writes that she is happy in her relationship, but thinks it's moving a little fast. Can you tell your partner that you want to slow it down just a bit without hurting their feelings?

Plus, a high-school student is crushing on two boys that are already in relationships. Should she send them an anonymous Valentine?

Another member of Kidd Nation wrote about casually dating a man who she found out had been dating a friend that she knew from high school... in fact, they had even moved in together. Should she tell her old friend, confront the guy, or let it go?

Finally, what do you do when an ex just can't stop talking about you or let you go?

Listen to all of today's letters to our love expert, Kellie Rasberry!

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