Our resident love expert, Kellie Rasberry, advised a member of Kidd Nation on what to do when she found out her friend's fiance was cheating on her during this week's Love Letters to Kellie on KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

This is a sticky situation... one that could potentially ruin either a friendship or an impending marriage. So, what do you do? Do you tell her or let her marry a guy that you know isn't faithful? This is real life, not a role-playing game you can download in the App Store!

Plus, is it ever okay to stay the night with your ex? Should you be okay with your man taking two week long vacations with his friends and not wanting to vacation with you?

Kellie delves into these love problems and more! Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE.

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