I know several women who track their cycles through an app on their smartphones, me being one. It is just an easy way to make sure the train is running on time. Nonetheless, I was a little shocked to see that a fertility app being blamed for 37 accidental pregnancies. How can you put all your faith in an app that could be inaccurate?

According to Cosmopolitan, 37 women in Stockholm sought out abortions between September and December of 2017 after using the Natural Cycles app.

The creators of this app, Natural Cycles, claims that it will prevent unwanted pregnancies 93 percent of the time. The app works by uses body temperature to predict a user's ovulation time. LADY BODY FACT: a woman's body temperature usually rises just a little during the time the ovaries release an egg for fertilization.

According to Cosmopolitan, the app has more than half a million users in 161 countries.

I understand why several women look to apps to keep track of their body. I do too, but there are other ways of contraception. Using multiple forms of contraceptions at a time s a good way to cover your butt (so to speak) like taking birth control, tracking your cycles, and using condemns. And never be afraid to ask questions- talk to your doctor.

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