What do you do when you're not attracted to your significant other anymore? Kellie Rasberry from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show dishes out advice on that and more with 'Love Letters to Kellie!'

So what do you do when you no longer find your significant other attractive? Do you suck it up or do you have a hard conversation with them? And how do you handle the new you after you put on some weight?

What about dealing with in-laws? The in-laws can be a touchy subject in most marriages, so how do you deal with it when they overshare on social media?

Plus, what's the best way to keep the love alive during a temporary work relocation?

Kellie, our 'love expert,' answers these questions and more each week for Kidd Nation! Want to  submit a question of your own? Just click here! You can also hear about past 'Love Letters to Kellie' and find out how she responded here. 

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