The 'Love Expert' is open and ready for business! Kellie Rasberry from KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is back with more real life advice with 'Love Letters to Kellie!'

During this week's edition of 'Love Letters to Kellie' a woman wants to know what to do about her husband being a little too 'gropey?' Another letter asks what should you do if your boyfriend continues to hang out with people who are a bad influence?

Uggh, my husband doesn't do it constantly, but when he gets in a mood, he just can't resist reaching out and giving the girls a tweak and he'll do it NON-STOP, every time he walks by or is within arms reach, for a full day... It is incredibly annoying! Trust me, I'm not in the same boat as this woman, but I can definitely relate!

Kellie dishes out the love advice on those letters and more!

Need love advice? Send your question to Kellie here! Just remember, when you ask Kellie a question about love, she won't sugar coat her answer. She'll tell you what she thinks whether you like it or not!

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