Each Friday, you can count on two things... KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show will 'Flush the Format' and we'll also spread some seriously good vibes with 'Feel Good Friday!'

This morning on the show, we took calls from KiddNation members that wanted to brag about getting married in Jamaica! How cool is that?! Another listener, a proud mom, is happy that her son is graduating from the Marine Corps!

Do you have some good news you'd like to spread? Call the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Fridays at 800-KIDD-LIV (800-543-3548) or drop a line in the comments section below and we'll make sure the show gets it!

BTW, Official KiddNation DJ Roz from Sacramento, CA helped us kick the morning off today with Flush the Format. Here it is if you missed it or just want to hear it again!

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