Each Monday is 'Petty Monday' on KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and KiddNation lets us know just how petty we can be!

One member of KiddNation admitted that when he had a little extra time that he blocked in another driver's car when they parked to close with the help of his brother who he called in to help!

Kellie Rasberry admitted to buying cheap single-ply toilet paper by accident... J-si advised her to put it in the guest bathroom so she didn't have to use it herself... even though Kellie didn't want to look cheap!

Another member of KiddNation records her partner snoring and wakes him up with the sound of his own snores! Even better, you'll love the story of a woman deleting the Facebook app off of her mother's phone. Get these scoop on these petty stories and more below!

Plus, don't forget, the cast will be back in studio and ready to kick off the new year with fresh shows starting Monday, January 6th, 2020!

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