What happens when Big Al and J-si from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show get to apply Kellie and Jenna's makeup? It's interesting, that's for sure! Make it a competition and things get real, real quick!

If you're one of those people who love watching YouTube makeup tutorials, you're going to love these two hilarious 'how not to' videos!

With as many women as Big Al has dated over the years, you'd think he'd have more of a clue when it comes to makeup! Poor Jenna... but to be fair, she can rock just about anything.

J-si considers everything in life a challenge and he's going to do his best, even if he has no clue! He proves that 'fake it until you make it' works with this challenge! I bet Kellie is thanking her lucky stars that she drew J-si in this challenge instead of Big Al, even though both she and Jenna were good sports.

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