Our 'Love Expert' Kellie Rasberry from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show isn't afraid to dish out some hard truths when it comes to advice with 'Love Letters to Kellie!'

You know what they say about redheads, they're definitely spicy and Kellie is all that and more! Edwin writes in to find out the best way to approach a girl he finds attractive that works in his vicinity. She gives some solid advice on how to make a move on his crush without being creepy.

Another member of Kidd Nation writes in about a guy she's 'swiping around on' after four dates... She's also stalking him on Instagram and wants to know why he's liking pictures of other girls. Kellie tells her to slow her roll!!!

What do you do when you've been dating someone for four years and you can't deal with their drinking anymore? Are you ready to face some hard truths?

Could you ever go back to someone if you found out later that when you dated before they cheated on you? Should you even give it a chance? Did you romanticize everything? Hmmm...

Last, what do you do if you feel stuck in your marriage because you married young?

Take a listen to see what you think and if you're like me, breathe a sigh of relief because you're already married and will hopefully never have to dip your toe in the dating pool ever again!

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