E-Cigs, or vapes, are the latest trend in the cultural war tobacco has waged with mankind. At first thought to be a harmless alternative to cigarettes, the nicotine delivery systems are coming under more and more scrutiny. And unfortunately, just as their popularity was exploding, now, so are they.

A Baton Rouge man suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his leg and hand after the device in his pocket overheated and a man in Houma was also seriously injured when the mod in his pants exploded. EXCUSE ME? Yes, exploded. Deputy Brant Thompson of the State Fire Marshal Office explains. "Those batteries (inside the e-cig) did overheat after coming in contact with other metal objects within the victim's pant pocket and in fact exploded and caught fire."

Let's go back and revisit those key, critical words, shall we? 'Exploded', caught fire', and 'pant pocket'. DAAAAAAANG!!

Thompson says folks should never let batteries come in contact with other batteries or metal objects and make sure there are no deformities on the battery.........unless you want the word 'deformity' to follow you for the rest of your life. "Use the appropriate battery designed for that specific device, and buy those batteries from reputable retailers.", he added.

As Mastercard has told us for years, there are some things money can't buy.  Don't wait until something explodes, and catches fire inside your pants, to discover what they may be.

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