Who knew there were instructors for the game Fortnite?!?! Much less a Fortnite instructor with the name 'Supa Fly Ninja'?

Apparently, such a thing exists, which we guess isn't such a big surprise, seeing how the game is so huge! If you're not familiar with Fortnite, the game came out in 2017, and within a year, it had more than 125 million players making it a cultural phenomenon! 

So imagine J-Si's surprise, when he looked up and saw a familiar face sitting outside the studios Wednesday morning, and it was his Fortnite instructor, Supa Fly Ninja!

He came in the studio and talked about shaping J-Si into the ‘okay’ player that he is today, and he even brought some gifts for us! If you missed out on what he had to say, check it out here!

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