Jenna from KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show explains your dreams! You know how Kellie is the 'love expert?' Jenna is our dream expert... she even had the hat to prove it today!

A member of Kidd Nation had a crazy dream involving J-si, gender changes, cheating, motorcycles, and a murder! We're not sure that we're buying everything Jenna has to say about this particular dream, other than the fact that yes, this particular member of Kidd Nation needs some excitement in her life...

Jenna also untangled another weird dream for Kidd Nation. One member dreamed of being in an institution/asylum, sometimes nude, getting 'wet willies!' You'll be amazed how Jenna gets to the bottom of this odd head trip.

Another member of Kidd Nation dreamed of finding a pack of five puppies and they brought them home... only to have a neighbor bring them seven more to take care of. Strangely enough, their daughter had a dream about finding a puppy the very same night. How did Jenna explain this one?

Hear these dream interpretations and more in today's 'Jenna, The Dream Expert.'

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