After being a renter all of her life, Jenna has the itch to become a home owner, but her boyfriend says no!

A long time ago Kidd Kraddick gave everyone on the show some advice, don't become a home owner, it's just too expensive and there are headaches. Tossing that advice out the door Jenna has her sights set on buying herself a home.

For some time now Jenna has been going to open houses and looking at some homes. It's just that the homes she's been touring on the upper end of her budget and many are just out of her price range so she knows she really can't afford these homes. That's one way to do it if you just want to look and not serious about buying. It's when you start looking at homes within your price range that are very 'do-able', that's when new home fever can hit.

That's whats happened to Jenna. This past weekend while on Zillow she lowered her price range found some open houses and convinced boyfriend, Juan Snow, to go along and look at these houses and to get his opinion.

She finds one all right and says its perfect, but Juan Snow disagrees and says no. Find out why in this best of audio clip from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

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