Today, KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show celebrated all things, Kellie Rasberry, as she marks 25 years with the show!

We look back at some of our favorite memories. Make sure to post a picture or memory you have with Kellie, hashtag it #Kellie25 and it just might be aired on KiddTV or on the air.

Everyone has been requesting this bit, and here it is! When Kellie Rasberry was pregnant, Kidd Kraddick did a bit called the Mommy Test, where he would test her patience as a mother!

How did Kellie Rasberry get the name “Bit Killer”… She’s had many years of saying, “I’m not doing that!”

Big Al said some sweet words, and maybe took a jab or two, during his emotional letter to Kellie!

Kidd Kraddick and Big Al always picked on Kellie about having a big head… and this fight ended on a surprising note!

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