We have lots to celebrate, and that's why we do Good News Tuesday on KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show! Let's face it, after our computer problems the last few days, we need all the good news we can get!

Kellie Rasberry's husband's Allen's family is all kinds of excited because Texas Tech made it into their first Final Four... except they have a conflict because they have to be at a wedding during the game. Yikes!

Jenna is feeling good because her small business is doing well and J'si's neighbor Grayson is doing well after the removal of his tumor. He's even able to ride his bicycle now!

Nick, a member of Kidd Nation, called in to let us know that his son Ryker doesn't have to go on the transplant list and promised to keep us posted. Jenna called in to say she got a surprise check for $450 and another one for her husband. Shelly celebrated World Autism Awareness Day (wear blue in support!) with us and shared about her son Tucker who is flourishing.

Not to be outdone, Kelly called in from Kidd Nation and is on her way to Rome and Florence, Italy for five days. We even had a super successful breast reduction and a back that's feeling much better!

Listen to all of today's calls!

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