Good news for clinics offering the Covid vaccine across Louisiana. Our state has gotten a five percent increase in the total number of doses allocated to the states by the federal government.

This is a direct result of the increase in Moderna production.

Governor Edwards says more than 400 providers in all 64 parishes will have more than 86 thousand vaccine doses this week. Beginning today, those 65 and older are now eligible, that's down from 70 and older.

We are also getting a three week forecast of vaccine allocations rather than the week to week numbers we were getting.

Governor John Bel Edwards says the state’s hands are tied by just how much vaccine is allocated to us by the feds.

More than 400,000 people across the state have already gotten the first dose of the vaccine.

The vaccine operation at the State Fairgrounds is open today through Thursday from 8am-4pm (but this depends on the supply). They are encouraging folks to pre-register, but it is not necessary. Click here to preregister.

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