Just when you thought you had heard it all! A woman from Louisiana has gone viral for sewing up raw chicken teddy bears and selling them online!

This week in Tidbit News, our Kidd Kraddick Morning Show discussed the woman from Metairie, LA with a fetish for sewing up raw poultry... It's actually pretty cost effective though... The raw chicken teddy bears cost $35, $25 if you provide our own meat. Too bad they look like something out of a horror film! She'll even make clothes for your chicken bear... if you think it needs it. Heck, you can cook that sucker if you want! Just imagine what your guests will think if they walking in and see that in the middle of the dining room table!

Sadly, after having her services go viral, the woman took her posting down... Apparently, it was getting a little too hot in her kitchen!

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