NFL Quarterbacks have the best trainers money can buy. Some of the sport’s biggest stars get lean and strong with workouts and tools that are surprisingly simple. Super bowl 46 is Sunday, February 5. Kick off is about 5:30 p.m., Central Time. I thought you might like to know about this year’s team quarterbacks simple workout secrets and techniques. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was NOT the star of his high school team; no one even thought he’d make the NFL. Any good fitness routine includes weight training and Tom takes advantage of it. To boost his metabolic conditioning, improve speed and endurance, Brady’s simple secret weapon is a jump rope. Swing a bit of double-Dutch to put the edge on the power gained from the weights!

Giants’ Eli Manning has a legacy of FAMILY fitness – Eli’s speed workout is 100 yard sprint repeats with 30 seconds rest. No word on how many repeats are in his sets, but a good set is 10 usually and perhaps as many as 15. Manning credits his famous dad, former NFL QB Archie Manning for teaching him his simple secret weapon: stretching. Yup; to keep muscles springy, good and proper stretching is vitally important in a fitness routine.

And just because they belong to us, The Saints, that is, QB Drew Brees’ abs of steel come from his focus on his core strength using calisthenics such as the plank, push-ups, calf-raises and the new rage, TRX ropes. It’s unfortunate the fancy gym gizmo didn't help the Saints win another Super Bowl slot this year. There’s always 2013…how lucky is that? If you think you want to begin a fitness routine, or add any of these practices (or others) to a fitness routine you already have, be sure to check with your doctor, exercise physiologist, or certified physical trainer. There are several reputable fitness facilities and trainers in our area that can guide you.


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