Can a tiger change its stripes? Can a leopard change its spots? Is cheating a part of one's essential nature? A lot of people think that cheating is a character flaw... If that's true, do you believe that once someone is a cheater, they'll always be a cheater?

Once again, Kellie Rasberry our resident love expert on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show was dishing out the love advice when the topic of cheating came up. How do you handle a repeat offender when it comes to cheating? Can a cheater ever mend their broken ways?

Kellie also helps out a member of Kidd Nation that is constantly being put in the 'friend zone' and another who wanted to know if it was okay to follow and fangirl over your boyfriend's ex on social media?!?!?

Do you need love advice? Be prepared, don't ask Kellie if you don't want to hear what she has to say, she can be pretty blunt, but she's also great at getting right to the heart of a problem! Submit your question to Love Letters to Kellie here! 

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