Part-time Justin from our Kidd Kraddick Morning Show goes the distance when it comes to making sure his 'Boo-Thang' can come on vacation with him!

Let's start at the beginning of the story. Part-time Justin booked a hotel in Austin on Groupon before realizing the hotel wasn't pet friendly. However, the hotel did accommodate service animals. So what did he do? After all, he had already paid for the room... He forged his own prescription stating the dog, a wienie dog named 'Poo Poo,' was a comfort animal.

So what did Part-time Justin do when he got to the hotel, ready to check in with his friend and 'Wienie the Poo Poo?' Did he get away with it? Did they suspect the documentation was fake? Find out by either watching video from the show or listening to the KPod below!

See the letter that Part-time Justin 'manufactured' here! 

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